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Black Wealth Accelerator is a creative and marketing consultant service that helps underrepresented entrepreneurs elevate their businesses. We provide expert advice events filled with resources and our services specialize in brand identity and strategic marketing communications, implemented through multimedia design and web design, to help you reach your target consumer base. Our mission is to help courageous entrepreneurs thrive.


 Keisha Clarke Sealey [Kay]

 Chief Problem Solver, Black Wealth Accelerator

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Digital Media Investment Strategist

AI Designer, Graphic Designer, Website Designer,
Published Artist, Event Planner & Coordinator.

 Meet Kay  

How My Pandemic Tragedy Fueled My Renewed Conviction For My Business Purpose & Legacy.
I've learned that discovering who I am, started with courage, the courage to break away from systematic comforts or worldly expectations. When I finally faced my courage fueled with faithful self-belief, it activated a fearless approach to explore my purposeful living that continues to unfold along the way. 

Despite experiencing harsh circumstances, a rewarding and fulfilling feeling flourishes when I use my services and creative talents to uplift others. I'm now passionate about sharing the power of this courageous self-belief to help empower my underserved community. 

I'm grateful to use my platform, resources, services, and partner relationships to celebrate our resilience and amplify our win potential together.
American Dreaming...  How it Started  

Two leaders helped to shape my path: My father, a successful Art Director who eventually ran his own creative production company. Also, my husband and best friend of 15 to 17 years inspired me with his fearless and positive lifestyle coupled with his multimedia design and programming skills that even his Google employer couldn't deny for over 13 years. Although Art & Design is my gifted passion, my creativity initially took a back seat to the pressures of education and worldly expectations. After graduating from college in New York City with an Advertising and Marketing Communication B.S. degree in 2007, the corporate world followed.

The Courageous Leap  

For nearly 12 years, I thrived in the fast pace world of digital media planning and media investment negotiations for Fortune 500 brand clients. Although I achieved corporate success by today’s standards, in my heart, I desired to do something more meaningful for my underserved black community in Brooklyn, NY. Empowered by my faith, creative skills, and business expertise, I took 'the leap' and walked away from my corporate career in May 2018. Since then, I'm grateful to have discovered and successfully co-launched with my husband:

  • a renovated loft event space,

  • launched an event decor business, and

  • paint-party programs & events.


2020 Pandemic to 2023 Prosperity and Beyond  ​

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted many lives and businesses, and my family was not spared. My husband of 15 years passed from the virus on March 30th, 2020. As my world momentarily stopped, so did NYC businesses and the world. I took time off to regroup, recenter in my faith, and decided to relaunch the core 'Paint Your Blessings' brand and services aimed to uphold and commit even stronger to the purpose and legacy of our sacrificed efforts. I found myself leaning on my paint party services, focusing on gratitude and positive art affirmations and it became a reassuring wellness outlet. The community showed interest and benefited from my instructed paint sessions: virtually, in-person, and through our recently launched 'Color Your Eden' coloring book series on amazon, which all serve as healthy and encouraging art therapy for people trying to make sense of their new realities in a post-pandemic world. To learn more visit


Keisha Clarke Sealey


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